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Sun Human Resources

Integrated Human Resources Information System. The system is suitable for any type of companies, with a large number of employees, using multi working hours and has multi branches.

Sun Attendance

Working schedules for all employees will be generated according to the predetermined working hours pattern. The system will record time and attendance, calculate annual leave, number of absence and day off, in order to monitor and achieve optimal employee productivity. Overtime hours will be calculated using maintainable overtime index and transfer to the payroll module. This attendance modules utilizes a time recorder machine or terminal linked to the computer.

Sun Payroll

Data from the attendance module is used for the processing of salaries based on working days, overtime hours, earnings and deductions. Confidentially and security will always be maintained at the highest priority through password. Pay slips can be generated by the system and payment of salary can be done either by cash or through bank transfer. Calculation of tax will always be in accordance with valid government regulations.

Sun Personnel

Detailed employees personal data, academic background, training records, working experience and career path are recorded, to be searched and retrieved, according to a certain criteria. This is necessary for the selection of staff placement into certain positions or new tasks, as well as to determine their training needs. This module can be customized to meet the needs of management for performance evaluation and career development.

Sun Terminal

Time and attendance terminal provides all time recorder functionality in an attractive and cost efficient package. Extremely easy to use. A new database record is created every time a card is read. each record contains the date and time of its creation and the card number of the user card that was used. All records are kept in database that is not dependent on any kind of external power.

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